Variable Data & Numbering

Variable data printing is a kind of digital printing during which text and images varied from piece to piece. The information to be printed on these items is stored in an external file or database and/or file.

Where is variable data printing applied?

There are many applications including printing letters with the same content but different addresses, invoicing, advertising, and on postcards. There are also many other uses including number for tickets. The principle remains the same as it involves producing different outputs on the fly during the print process. The output can vary greatly based the intended level of differentiation.

Marketers frequesntly employ variable data printing to distribute their message in a personalized manner. This strategy can often improve the results of most any marketing campaign. According to Infosys, 86% of
consumers report that personalized marketing makes them decide to buy.

Precision Printing makes it possible to incorporate this personal touch and into your final product.

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