Clear Toner Printing

As a transparent material, clear toner is can be applied in order to impart a very subtle silky glossy effect and/or varnished look on printed media. Clear toner can be an effective way to add a touch of elegance, simple security, or simply a more finished look to your materials.

Clear toner has the potential to add creative and dramatic effects to your printed collateral. In general, printed materals that are more unique tend to get notice more often than items that do not incorporate such special features. With the clear toner application, a piece can have added impact thereby adding to the potential success of an event or campaign. Business Cards, Post Cards, Brochures, Fliers are all great candidates for this enhancement.

What can you do with clear toner?

  • Add a high gloss effect in order to highlight images
  • Call attention to headlines and key information
  • Create logos that stand out
  • Use to create striking artistic effects including patterns and grids
  • Enhance the appearance of simulated metallics
  • Compliment artwork with clear varnish effects
  • Include subtle watermark effects and security elements

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